ntegrity: We treat the user's attitude

Professional: technical service quality assurance

We will be in good faith, professional standards for all users to provide a full range of technical services, because we believe that the quality of technical services and the quality of their own products as important, is the source of our business survival.


A service we offer:


  1. System integration: tailor-made for customers automation, information systems, to achieve maximum production efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve the rate of return;

  2. Product sales: to provide customers with safe, stable and widely used explosion-proof products;

  3. Program customization: As a program provider, we customize the software and program files required by any customer's control system in a professional manner.

Two of our sales network:


Three after-sales service:


 We make the following commitments to the user:

 1. Installation / technical guidance: In order to make the project / system integrators on schedule to complete the project, we will send professional engineering and technical personnel to the site of the
system installation and commissioning to conduct a comprehensive guide.

  2. Technical training: In order to enable customers to grasp the characteristics of the product, programming and troubleshooting of common failures, we will be free for the user to arrange staff technical

  3. Warranty Service: We provide warranty service time for one year after the system or product is sold. During this period, our company will repair or replace all equipment except for human factors and
force majeure.
The software will be free to upgrade.

  4. Lifetime maintenance: We provide equipment for all users of life-long maintenance services, the maintenance of equipment only charge spare parts cost.

Four technical hotline

       We provide after-sales service 24-hour hotline technical advisory services

Tel: 0755-26646299 / 26410842


For all regions of the country, we are committed to responding within 24 hours.