corporate philosophy:

Promote technological progress with technology to enhance the competitiveness of users;

With technology to promote enterprise development, enhance the economic / social benefits.

Enterprise's goal:

China's leading automation, information systems integrators and product suppliers.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Integrity, unity, dedication, innovation.

Honesty: to win the trust of the letter to benefit.

Unity: united, solidarity is gold.

Dedication: dare to take risks, courage to take responsibility.

Innovation: break through the rules, beyond the self.

Talent Policy:

People-oriented, employees and companies to grow together.

company culture:

Innovation, efficiency, dedication, harmony

【Innovation】 The company has the ability to meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations, innovation is the driving force for the success of the company. 【Efficiency】 The company to achieve
low-cost and high-quality unity, to maintain competitive advantage, efficiency is the cornerstone of the company's development. [Dedication] to provide the company's product performance, product quality,
service and commitment to be protected, dedicated to the company's style. [Harmony] so that the company talent pool, vibrant, to ensure that the company's long-term development; harmony so that we
work closely with customers, communication, harmony and harmony, harmony is the essence of corporate culture.

We firmly believe that the company provides high-performance, high-quality products and quality services so that companies can be bold and fearless pursuit of profit and rapid development and success.

We firmly believe that the interests of customers, shareholders, employees in the company will be harmonious unity and protection.